Tennessee Coneflower

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Tennessee Coneflower

Echinacea tennesseensis

Tennessee Coneflower has pink to purplish flowers that track the sun like sunflowers and is one of the nation’s rarest wildflowers, currently only found in three counties in Tennessee. It reaches about 2’ in height and blooms from mid-spring until mid-autumn. Unlike other coneflowers which have backward-drooping petals, the petals of this species are upturned, giving the flower a cup-like appearance. Tennessee Coneflower has distinctively hairy, dark green leaves that crowd around the lower stems.

USDA Zone 5-6
Plant Spacing 12-18"
Sun Exposure Full Sun / Part Shade
Soil Moisture Dry-Mesic / Dry
Height 2 feet
Bloom Time July – Sept


Tennessee Coneflower attracts butterflies, bumblebees and hummingbirds that enjoy it’s nectar. In the fall, finches feed on the seeds.

Tennessee Coneflower is a great choice for hot dry sites that are difficult for other species. It does best in full sun in well drained soils and prefers moist soils. Once established will tolerate dry soils and is very drought tolerant. Tennessee Coneflower looks terrific when planted with native grasses.


Tennessee Coneflower is a rare and lovely flower found only in Tennessee’s harshest growing environments and has recently been removed from the federal endangered species list in 2011. The Tennessee Coneflower is found only in the limestone barrens and cedar glades of Middle Tennessee where the soil is dry and rocky. In 1979, the Tennessee coneflower was one of the first plants to be placed on the endangered species list. The plant is only found in three Middle Tennessee counties within a 14 mile radius.


Tennessee Coneflower

Tennessee Coneflower

Tennessee Coneflower Seeds


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Tennessee Coneflower can handle drier soil once established. Deadhead regularly to prolong flowering, but birds love the seedheads.

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